Missouri Relies on Everyone

Title of MoRE program

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The State of Missouri recognizes that the ideas of state employees are fundamental to the continuous improvement of services.

Critical to accomplishing the goal of continuous improvement are suggestions that improve customer service, reduce cost, generate revenues, and improve work processes.

The State Employee Suggestion Program, Missouri Relies on Everyone (MoRE), provides state employees with an opportunity to share their ideas, suggestions or recommendations. The Program also provides a way to identify, recognize and reward the ingenuity and commitment to excellence of state employees for their suggestions.

Submitting Suggestions

State employees can submit their applications via:

  • If you have questions or problems regarding the Online Suggestion Form please contact the Agency Coordinator.


The employee's Agency Coordinator receives the suggestion from the employee.

The Agency Coordinator:

  • Acknowledges receipt of the suggestion to the employee.
  • Ensures that the suggestion meets established criteria
  • Forwards the suggestion to the appropriate Agency Evaluator(s) to determine the suggestion's feasibility; or
  • In rare instances, will forward the suggestion to the OA-Division of Personnel for further review/action if the suggestion in no way pertains to the employee's agency.

In most instances, the Agency Coordinator will collect and send all evaluations of suggestions to the Agency Review Team.

The Agency Review Team will review the information and feedback about each suggestion to determine if implementation of the suggestion is feasible and practical; and if so, what award (if any) the employee should receive for making the suggestion. To learn more details, view the flowchart


State employees may be recognized for their suggestions in the following ways:

1.The employee receives a Certificate of Recognition from their agency director.

2.Based on an established point system, the Agency Review Team can authorize employees to be awarded up to $300.00.

The  Program is administered by the Office of Administration, Division of Personnel.