Program Criteria

The Missouri Relies on Everyone (MoRE) Employee Suggestion System is a statewide initiative designed to give employees an opportunity to share their ideas, suggestions or recommendations for increasing efficiencies, conserving resources and reducing costs.  All permanent, full-time or part-time employees of the state of Missouri may submit suggestions. Typically, during the review process, the Agency Review Team carefully evaluates the merit of each eligible suggestion based on originality, transferability, conservation of resources and the ability of the agency to implement the suggestion. All decisions of the Agency Review Team are final.  

Originalitygo back

One important aspect of the MoRE Program is the originality or novelty of the suggestion. Consequently, the Review Team will evaluate each suggestion according to the following:  Is this an original idea or concept?  Is the idea the sole idea of the individual who submitted the suggestion?  Is the suggestion a creative idea, or primarily an improvement of an existing process?

Note:  Suggestions can not be from any prior organizational development group such as a Missouri Results Initiative (MRI) project, or any other team project current, previous or future.

Transferabilitygo back

While not always a significant factor, the Review Team does consider what applicability, if any, the suggestion may have for other state agencies. Specifically, could another state agency secure the same type of result in similar circumstances?

Conservation of Resourcesgo back

Conserving, reducing or saving the State of Missouri's human or financial resources is one of the fundamental goals of MoRE.  Whenever possible, individuals submitting suggestions must provide an estimate of how the suggestion can or may save money, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a process or service, or generate additional revenue.  Also, it is important that the individual making the suggestion provide an estimate of the cost for implementing his or her suggestion. 

Agency Implementationgo back

Regardless of how promising a suggestion may appear, the Review Team must also consider the agency's ability to implement the idea. Agencies must consider several factors, including availability of resources, time, funding, effectiveness and appropriateness to name a few, before committing existing resources to a new idea.  Accordingly, the Review Team must also consider the Agency Evaluator(s) response to a particular suggestion.  Is the agency able to adequately evaluate or further develop the suggestion using the information received? Can the agency accurately document savings generated as a result of the suggestion?  Bottom line - can the agency immediately commit to implementing a particular suggestion? 

Note: Individuals submitting a suggestion must ensure that his or her application is complete, which means that he or she must include all relevant information, which the Review Team will use to identify "winning" suggestions. 


Additional Program Criteria includes:go back

  • Suggestions for improvements to state government operation must be specific and practical.
  • Suggestions must describe how the improvement can be made.
  • MoRE has the exclusive right to set award policy and structure and may change the program at any time.
  • The submission of your MoRE suggestion assigns all its intellectual property and associated rights to the state of Missouri as provided by Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 36, Section 36.030. The use of an employee's suggestion by the State shall not be the basis of further claims of any kind by the suggestor, his/her heirs or assigns.
  • The State retains the right to discontinue the MoRE program at any time.


Types of Ineligible Suggestionsgo back

  • Previously submitted suggestions; suggestions an agency is currently considering
  • An incomplete or illegible suggestion
  • Complaints, "gripes," grievances, etc...
  • A suggestion that proposes following an existing policy or procedure
  • A suggestion on routine maintenance, repair or housekeeping
  • A suggestion that emerged as a result of a Missouri Results Initiative project, from the past, present or future
  • A suggestion regarding proposed, current or pending legislative issues
  • A suggestion regarding state employee wages, benefits or overall compensation
  • Position reclassification
  • Contract negotiations
  • A suggestion related to improving a work process directly associated with the employee's (the suggester's) job (as it is each employee's continuing responsibility to suggest ways to improve his/her own work processes)

NOTE: The above list is not inclusive. The Agency Review Committee reserves the right to disqualify or refuse to consider a suggestion if, in the opinion of the Committee, the suggestion does not meet the established guidelines for this program.