MoRE Point System

The Agency Review Team will use a point system to identify and recognize winning suggestions. 

1.An employee whose suggestion receives more than 10 points will receive a Certificate  of Appreciation/Recognition and/or a Non-Financial Award (not to exceed $50.00) from their agency director.

2.In addition to the Certificate, an employee whose suggestion receives 21 – 50 points will be given a one-time monetary award not to exceed $300.00 (depending on total points).

A point system will be used to determine recognition

The Review Team will score each suggestion according to the established criteria (or point system not to exceed 50 points) and according to the following distribution:

Originality picture of arrow      15

Transferability picture of arrow       5

Conservation of Resources picture of arrow      15

Implementation picture of arrow      15

After allocating points in each category, the Review Team will total the points awarded. The Team will recommend the award of a Certificate/non-financial award and/or a dollar amount. The MoRE System recommends the following point system:

Points              Prize

0 – 10           No award

11 – 20         Certificate of Appreciation/Recognition and/or Non-Financial                           Award not to exceed $50.00

21 – 30         $75.00 and Certificate of Appreciation/Recognition

31 – 40         $150.00 and Certificate of Appreciation/Recognition

41 – 50         $300.00 and Certificate of Appreciation/Recognition