Purchasing Card Training Quiz

Thank you for taking part in this quiz for the Purchasing Card (P-Card) program. This annual quiz is mandatory for each cardholder. This activity shouldn’t take longer than 10 to 15 minutes to complete. There are 20 questions on the quiz and a score of at least 75% is required to pass the certification.

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Purchasing Card Quiz

* The P-Card program is NOT intended to:

* Cash advances are always an unallowable P-Card purchase.

* P-Card purchases from vendors outside of the United States do not require the cardholder to request any additional approvals.

* A payment to Professional Registration to obtain a license for another State agency is an allowable purchase on the P-Card.

* Which of the following taxes is the P-Card exempt from?

* Which of the following is a reason your P-Card may be declining?

* Which of the following expenses is an allowable purchase using a P-Card?

* Which of the following would be considered misuse of the P-Card:

* Only the authorized cardholder may use the P-card.

* What will you do with your PCard once you leave your job?

* Which of the following are procedures to identify or prevent inappropriate transactions:

* Which of the following is not a violation of the state's P-Card Policy:

* Why should the decision to use the P-Card take place at the time of the purchase versus being direct billed?

* The purchasing card program is intended to:

* If a transacton receipt for a purchase has been lost, what should you do?

* Which item would you need to obtain a receipt for if paying with your P-Card?

* What information should your receipt/invoice contain?

* Cardholders should submit their reconciled statement/receipts to their supervisor within how many days of receipt?

* When you receive your statement, you should:

* Which of the following is NOT a requirement of the cardholder upon receiving their P-Card statement?