The Administrative Hearing Commission offers an electronic filing system (eFile) for you to easily file documents in support of your case. 

If a document is over 75 pages, the AHC also requests that a paper copy be sent to us.

The eFile system does not notify the other parties in the case of your filing, so you must send them a copy unless you are filing an initial appeal/complaint.


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Important information when eFiling:

Documents must be in PDF format.

Error Message: If you receive an error message while uploading a PDF, shorten the “Document Name” in the eFile system to under 75 characters. Additionally, be sure the document is saved on your personal device with a title under 75 characters.

Responsibility for Redaction: The responsibility for identifying and redacting confidential information rests solely with the person filing the document.

For additional important information and instructions, please visit: efile-instructions.pdf (

Questions about Electronic Filing
If you have any questions, please call 573-751-2422 or email: