WELCOME TO THE TIER II WEBSITE - Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding.
WELCOME TO THE MISSOURI TIER II WEBSITE MISSOURI TIER TWO reports are due between January 1 and March 1 annually, the reporting information is for the previous year. Please review filing instructions carefully. Only the MISSOURI TIER II form is acceptable for EPCRA reporting in Missouri, we do not accept "Tier II Submit" reports. This website is different in that all facilities are filed under the company name. We can now accept electronic signatures. The electronic MISSOURI TIER II filing website is https://apps1.mo.gov/MERC this site works best with Google Chrome. RENEWING FACILITIES: Click “Facility List” then go to the year, change 2021 to 2020 and click Filter. When you see the 2020 click the blue button “ADD/COPY Facility” then follow the popups. First Time Filers 1. Click LOG IN - enter your email 2. Enter the password you wish to use 3. The system will send an email to you for verification - after verification 4. Click the link for the MERC web site - Click "BEGIN TIER II - Select Create an Account. 5. If you are paying for the Tier II, then create the company, if you are filing for a facility the company will need to grant you access. If you are a facility under a company and have been approved by your company, choose add a facility. The Optional Distribution Button allows us to provide the Tier II to the LEPC and Fire Department for you (found in section 1e of page 1). If you do not choose Optional Distribution, then Tier II Reports must be submitted to: 1) Your Local Emergency Planning Committee addresses may be found on the right under the Documents section named "LEPC County List". 2) and the Fire Department / District with jurisdiction for your Division of Fire Safety registered Missouri Fire Departments. Please complete all fields:
  • facility mailing address;
  • regulatory point of contact;
  • North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code;
  • fire department with jurisdiction;
  • facility e-mail address and fax number;
  • and Range Value Codes of chemical amounts for maximum/average daily quantities.
"Name" and “Title" must be completed at the bottom of the first input page for Certification. The "Date" field is completed automatically with the date the report is printed. FEES - Only a company will be able to submit payments. Please make sure all facilities have filed before paying your fee. Questions? Please contact Lana Nelson at 573-526-9249 or Lana.nelson@sema.dps.mo.gov, or contact Karen Eagleson at 573-526-9240 or Karen.eagleson@sema.dps.mo.gov. Office hours are Monday thru Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.